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Living a cigar life is about making things happen for you and not accepting the “normal” way of doing things as the only way. Sometimes the greatest plans can get stuck simply because the traditional way of thinking creates a small but unavoidable obstacle. Well, it’s unavoidable only if you let it be. Such a case is with setting up a small business such as a restaurant. This may seem like a simple task and you would think banks would be happy to fund what you consider a promising investment but reality dictates otherwise.

That doesn’t mean there is no other way though, services such as Advance Restaurant Finance make Restaurant Funding as simple and easy as it should be. Not only does ARF secure some of the most competitive rates for their clients, when working with them you can often expect funds to be available within as little as five days. When the traditional way of doing business gets you down, don’t forget – there is always the cigar way. Have a great weekend.

You know you should do it, and I know we all should do it. It sounds like great advice – set goals to really put in perspective what you want out of life. We all have gone to the goal setting seminars, read the chapters of goal setting in all the self help books and have thought to ourselves, that sounds like great advise. But, as with everything in life, goal setting is sent to the back burner of our daily routine and we never set them. Well, because it just makes sense to spend a little time thinking about what we would like from life and how we can get it, I’ll share with you just four easy steps to set your goals and actually stick to the act of goal setting and achieving.

1. Think about what you want – This seems like the easy step but it is really the hardest one. The one step we would like to avoid and move right along to writing our fantastic goals. But it is the most necessary. Just sit down alone, with a blank piece of paper or your computer notepad – whatever works for you, and just write what you would like to achieve, accomplish or whatever it is that you want to happen in your life.
2. Write it down – Now that you have thought about it and written anything that came to mind – however long or short- this is where you have to put it in cons ice, simple and clear words. Let me give you an example, I once thought about what I want it to do with my talents, how I wanted to grow and learn professionally. So, my thoughts were all over the notepad document, and I had summarize a page of rambling in just three or four words. I realized from reading my thoughts that I wanted to earn my living writing, so that became my professional goal. I phrased the goal like this “I want to earn my living writing.” That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The statement is powerful and cons ice.
3. Visualize and focus – Print the goal, write on a sticky note. Whatever works you. But put it in at least two places where you will see it many times during your day. So every time you see it you will have to focus on what you decided that you wanted to accomplish.
4. Give it a timeframe and break it down to sub goals – Now that you know the goal, to make it easier to achieve, give yourself a timeframe and take the goal and break it down to the smallest elements. Those small elements will become the tasks or actions you will need to take to achieve this goal.
5. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment – Once you have reach your goal, enjoy the moment. Feel proud and accomplished. You made a choice and acted on that choice and hopefully you achieve it.

We all know these steps, but we need to be reminded of the good things that come from goal setting and achieving. Goal setting, goal achieving are all fancy words for just figuring out what you really want from life and creating a list of actions that you can take to make it happen. So, as Captain Picard in “Star Trek: Next Generations” used to say, make it so.

Food irradiation makes use of high-energy Gamma rays, electron beams or X-ray that are a million times more powerful than standard medical X-ray. They all work to break apart the bacteria and insects that may hide in food. However, radiation can affect food in strange ways usually by creating unique radiolytic products that may include substances that cause gene mutations and chromosome aberrations in human cells or a variety of mutagens. Many mutagens have also been found to be carcinogens.

Research would also show that volatile toxic chemicals are formed by irradiation. These findings neutralize the presentation of irradiation as the primary solution to food-borne illnesses. The unknown consequences of irradiation form the basis for food labeling since truthful labeling empowers consumers to make informed choices for themselves and their families.